Everything you need to know about the Dinar...

...is in this book.

You have questions about the Dinar, and you need answers.

I've spent over 5 years studying the Dinar, and if you are considering investing in the Dinar... I can honestly tell you - you shouldn't waste even another MINUTE before reading everything that's in this book.

"RV Intel" is full of knowledge gained through years of studying, research, and personal contacts in Iraq, the US Government, and more.

(The most recent version is: 1.4 as of )

  • Answers to over 50 specific questions,
  • A comprehensive guide to understanding Iraq
  • Even a breakdown of the Kuwaiti Dinar revaluation!
  • I give you the REAL DEAL on what actually happened...
  • ...and more importantly, what is happening NOW.

Let me answer the BIGGEST question you have: IS THIS LEGIT?!

Everything you need to know about the Iraqi Dinar... is available NOW for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Get it here:

Need to know more? Ok, how about the answers to these questions AND MORE:

  1. Is it legal to invest in the Iraqi Dinar?
  2. Will there be a time limit placed on cashing in?
  3. Will there be a time limit on cashing in certain denominations?
  4. Why would there be a time limit?
  5. How can I protect my investment from a time limit on cashing in?
  6. What banks have De La Rue machines?
  7. Why do I care which banks have a De La Rue machine?
  8. Will we be able to trade large denominations for smaller ones?
  9. Will I have to travel?
  10. Will we be able to exchange in the US?
  11. What's an "In Country RV"?
  12. How can I protect my investment from an In Country RV?
  13. Where will we be able to exchange?
  14. Is there a level of GDP that needs to be achieved before an RV?
  15. Can you talk about the Kuwaiti currency RV?
  16. Did the CBK or IMF handle the Kuwaiti currency revaluation?
  17. Do we need proof of purchase?
  18. If I don't have a receipt, how can I prove when I got my Dinar?
  19. Do you recommend a Warka Account?
  20. Where do I cash in?
  21. What will the cash in procedure be?
  22. After RV, how do we get the best rate?
  23. Taxes?
  24. Taxes in other countries?
  25. Should I cash in all at once?
  26. Will Iraq print new currency or will the current Dinar stay in place?
  27. What about Canadian banks?
  28. What determines the value of a countries currency?
  29. How does Iraq's currency/economy compare to other countries currency/economy?
  30. How much Dinar is in circulation?
  31. Is that relevant?
  32. Are there forums that are sponsored by dealers? Which ones?
  33. Exactly who or what determines the exchange rates for the Dinar?
  34. Will we be able to join you on the next currency venture?
  35. Can Iraq get out of Chapter 7 without an RV/RI? Why or why not?
  36. When will IQD go on FOREX?
  37. Adam, do you believe the RV will happen without a LOP?
  38. Will the Dinar be released on FOREX at the current rate?
  39. I keep reading about economists projecting X rate. Who are they and why do they predict that rate?
  40. How high will the rate go?
  41. When will it mature?
  42. Will the government get a different rate than the public?
  43. Would Chapter 7 penalties being removed have an immediate impact on the Iraqi Dinar, it's trade and IMF recognition of their currency?
  44. Where will the money come from to cover the millions being traded in at time of RV?
  45. If the Dinar does not RV or RI, will I still be able to trade my currency in for stock in Iraqi companies?
  46. Should I expect to walk out of a bank with a briefcase full of money after the RV?
  47. Is the Dinar expected to follow a course of appreciation similar to the Kuwaiti Dinar?
  48. What US Banks carry the Dinar?
  49. What effects will the bombings have?
  50. Speculate on the rate... low or high? .10, or $2 right out of the gate?
  51. Are there any banks paying interest on dinars?
  52. Can you deposit your current physical dinar into an Iraqi bank account?
  53. Is it risky?
  54. How do you do it?
  55. Has there ever been a time that there was more buzz, or is this the hottest the Iraqi Dinar has ever been?
  56. What is holding the Dinar back?

I'm not kidding! All that, and MORE, is in the book. This thing is packed with over 50 pages of solid information at last count!

Actual Customer Testimonials:

"Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel "

For someone who has spent so much time looking into this you have managed to keep it simple and honest.  I am  really tired of the endless anouncements of it will be in three days, next monday, etc. etc.
Like the predictions of the end of the world......if you give me a specific time, you have lost my attention.  I am just a couple months new to this so you have given me what I need, plain and as simple as the unknown can be.  

Thanks again.

Real RV Intel is the best selling Dinar book on the internet for a reason, friends!

"Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel blew my mind."

Adam, I am absolutely AMAZED that there is this much packed into only 56 pages! I'm going to use this book again and again, and I am even finding ways to apply it to other currencies and investments.

You, sir, did a fantastic job and I am grateful!

Anthony Thompson

Can I tell you something else? This page has been here for long enough to actually get these reviews. They aren't made up, these are reviews from real people. As a matter of fact, most of them are probably members of the forum!

If my reputation didn't precede me, please feel free to ask around on the DinarVets message board and see what people have to say.

"Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel"

I recommended your book to the folks at work today... You did a nice job and it covers tons of what folks NEED to know.  A great reference that I know I will use time and again. 


Honestly, folks - I get feedback every day on this book, and it's all good. 100% of the people who read this book say good things about it - what does that tell you?

"Iraqi Dinar - Real RV Intel"

Hi, Adam -- ok, I've got a testimonial for you, "This is The book you'll wish you read before you bought your first dinar! Fortunately, it's also The book you will be grateful to be reading NOW (pre RI/RV), it could literally make or break your investment :-)"

-- Joanna Beresford

I can't tell you more than you just read, but I will make you a promise. I didn't write this book to make friends, I wrote it to share... and I know some people might not like the information. My promise is that I'll always give it to you straight, no matter what.

YES! I Want to...

My friends, the knowledge you gain is invaluable. I've been told OVER and over again that this price is a steal, but for now I'm leaving it right where it is:


Honestly, the testimonials could go on forever... but I'm not going to make you suffer through pages and pages of testimonial. Simply buy the book and see for yourself.. this is one investment you DO NOT WANT TO GET WRONG!

To your success!

Adam Montana

P.S. Although this volume contains THE most up to date information on the Iraqi Dinar, the situation IS changing and customers who buy NOW will get free revisions as they come out. Get it now!



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